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good monday morning. if you are commuting on 80 you may encounter a big problem. right now all lanes are shutdown southbound -- southbound at stone ridge. i have a map here, interestingly enough our waze app shows it best. a computer has taken a picture it is bumper-to-bumper stopped at the -- stone ridge exit get around this would be 580 to either hop yard or foothill build to get around and back
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towards 680 on surface streets. southbound 680 at stone ridge, all lanes shutdown, fatality there. crews on scene. expect delays most of the morning and of course we are on top of it here. mike will have your forecast. good morning. live doppler 7 had d dry this morning, a little -- a little fog in the north bay valleys. 48 santa rosa. mile and quarter at half moon bay, everybody in the low to mid 50s until you get to antioch at 57°. in the around fog fades, cooler weather on the way. right now let's get to that major problem with 680 partially closed in the mess san ton area. amy hollyfield is there -- >> reporter: the chp is still waiting on the corner to get here that is why they still have lanes closed, the body is
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still in the middle of the freeway. chp officers are still here talking to some of the drivers who were here at the time of the accident. they are doing their investigation, measuring out there. so, no word on when this is going to reopen. they say they got a call about 3:30 this morning of a pedestrian walking in the number three lane. then they got the call -- they called in at 3:40 and reported that all lanes were blocked. it does appear someone was in the middle of the freeway. they don't know why. and that person was hit by a car this is at the stone ridge drive exit. southbound 680, it is creating a nightmare for those who were driving down this freeway when it happened, because they are stuck here. they cannot get off the freeway, they are just sitting here. they've been here an hour. we met with a couple of them who are frustrated.
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>> bad for me, i'm late for delivery right now. [ unintelligible ] i don't know, crazy. >> reporter: i spoke with the chp officer at the scene he said they hope to open up a lane so they can get these people through. they don't know when that is going to happen. right now they are relying on the coroner. they are waiting on the coroner to get here. apparently the coroner is en route, there's a lot of traffic to get through. that's when things will start happening and they will be able to get a lane open and clear these people out here. there's a team of investigators talking to dryers, trying to figure out what happened. a -- to drivers, trying out what happened. amy hollyfield, news that. san mateo police arrested
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a man they believe kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 9-year-old girl after a student at parkside elementary claims he abducted her friday afternoon. the girl escaped after her kidnapper took her a short distance from campus. police have linked him to two other incidents near schools friday. . this morning san francisco police will hold a town hall meeting in response to thursday's shooting where an uncover officer shot a 22-year-old man they say pointed a gun at him. an angry mob spray painted "killers" on the front door of the police station. more than a dozen officers stood by late into the night. friday night more than 50 returned and marched down 18th street, several businesses were were vandalized. the investigation into the shooting is still underway. the officers involved are on
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paid leave. police showed tech 9 automatic pistol recovered. they say it was fully loaded. the shooting victim is expected to recover. what you are seeing here is information on today's town hall meeting at 11:30 at cornerstone church on 17th street in the mission district. bart trains running smoothly despite minor is dent with police. video from the news -- service was topped for about half an hour while san francisco police chased two robbery suspects beneath market street 9:30. bart shut off power to the third rail while police searched for suspects. officers captured them a short time later. san carlo city leaders set to vote on a contract for firefighters that includes a pay raise. last year the city dissolved a partnership with belmont to save money. much of the savings was to
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come from paying firefighters in the new department, 5% less. the city has had a tough time holding on to firefighters and had to close a fire station. the mercury news reports the new proposal includes 2% raise retroactive to when the new department opened last october. wildfire forcing evacuations in southern california. it broke out yesterday in the campo indian reservation in san diego county. four homes have been destroyed. 80 more are threatened. two hundred firefighters on the fire lines. this fire has burned more than 1700 acres, ten% contained. 4:36 on this busy monday morning. >> -- warm over the weekend. mike are we going to see that continue? >> a little cooling trend coming at us today, tomorrow, into wednesday before warmer weather comes back over the
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next couple of case. -- couple of days. low pressure introducing cooler weather into the forecast. a little stronger sea breeze and a little cooler air middle and upper parts of the atmosphere. most of the clouds along the san mateo county coast, low to mid 60s san francisco low 60s north bay beaches, temperatures around the bay from 68 is. -- from 68 in san mateo. warmest in east bay valleys, antioch 87°. monterey bay a lot of sunshine, temperatures 72 at santa cruz cooler monterey. inland low to mid 80s. next couple of days temperatures drop one to two degrees minimal for tuesday to wednesday warming trend will start thursday. here's sue hall with your traffic. good morning. we go to 680 south bay,
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serious "sig alert" pardon me east bay serious "sig alert" southbound at stoneridge all lanes shutdown southbound at stoneridge fatal accident until further notice amy hollyfield is there reporting that obviously there is a fatal accident with coroner en route. the coroner is having trouble getting there because traffic is bumper-to-bumper. the wazeafter is showing very slow -- the waze app is showing very slow traffic. hop yard or foothill to get off 580 headed south back on 680 at bernal, first street livermore off 580 towards bernal in the livermore area we'll be following this as the morning develops and they get coroner there and get those lanes open. that accident involves a
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pedestrian on the freeway at least that's what we have been told. santa clara grade school principal in jail accused of possessing crystal meth with the intense of selling it. katie marzullo is live at the school with the story. shocked parents. >> reporter: yes shocked parents and they will be bombarded with information when they get here. an employee told us that district workers, would be here this morning in full force, giving out information, answering questions people might have. they are sending out a letter to all parents today in three languages. this because of 42-year-old eric lewis, the principal here at montague elementary for the past seven years or so, he was making $114,000 a year now on unpaid administrative leave. police say he's a methamphetamine dealer. they arrested him friday in an undercover operation in
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san francisco where he lives. parents who already heard about this, are definitely shocked and surprise. >> we got a call from another neighbor saying did we hear about principal lewis? i said what? they said he was arrested for selling drugs. that just doesn't seem like it would fit his demeanor. >> reporter: another parent told us that he won't know if the accusations again the principal are true until he sees more evidence. some of that evidence includes that undercover sting at a caltrain station in san francisco, detective contacted lewis online through a dating website and lewis allegedly agreed to meet him to give him drugs. lewis is due in court this morning. katie marzullo, abc7 news. bring down the lights. the show over. next, the final curtain for one of the bay area's last
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independent movie theaters. classes at stanford begin in morning. big change freshman -- freshmen will be dealing with. in today's tech bites iphone portability. verizon version of iphone 5 will work on at&t if you swap sim cards the two use dining room systems ordinary phones for one won't work on the other. a third of domestic airline flights have wifi service. all virgin america and air-trans flights have it, practically no united planes, delta has the most internet capable flights, 2/3. rock band blitz tests your skill at playing along with songs. it is a single player game. >> the only social component is talk see how your score
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stackses up against other friends playing. >> reporter: available for playstation 3 and?xús1@@ú?
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good morning. 4:44 monday, hope you had a great weekend. embarcadero in san francisco pretty clear, a little bit of -- minor winds, nothing serious. we talk to mike about a cooler trend coming up. another change, a lot going on we check in with mike in a moment. the first day of school at stanford first class to take new required courses the program is called thinking matters designed to help freshmen develop a more interesting, satisfying conception of life focused on development of critical and analytical thinking. tough questions that have more than one answer.
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>> one of san francisco's most popular independent theaters has closed. the theater on california near polk held last show last night after losing its lease. the theater has been at that location since 1967. the theater has been known for showing independent films that don't make it to large screens. >> we've been coming here for years. over a decade. this has great movies they don't show anywhere else in town. >> i'm very sad many i'm meeting my friends here. even though there is nothing here i want to see particularly, we are coming to pay tribute for the last of it. >> the theater was part of the landmark theater chain. employees say they will be offered jobs at landmark's other theaters in the city. >> going the way of the drive-in. iphone is another huge success for apple. we'll find out just how big a
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lit it is when the company reveals sales numbers this morning. mitt romney tries to get his campaign back on track. the new obama ads may derail those plans. why is bill clinton challenging wal-mart to build a store in libya?
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high temperatures today. mainly 80s inland, 70s around but 80s most dominant you don't see many 90s if any today a little cooler than yesterday many low to mid 70s seattle and portland. 60s great lakes to the northeast. 70s atlanta, 101 phoenix. major airports across the lower 48 all have green, no organized area of severe weather. scattered thunderstorms through the mountains here. check out our flight tracker,
4:49 am 4:48. on the presidential campaign trail today mitt romney heads to battleground states ready to talk specifics. president obama will be courting female viewers with appearance on "the view." watch it here at 10. the president will show his international profile at the united nations. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad is also heading there for tomorrow's general assembly gathering with 100 other world leaders. the u.s. presidential vase heating up with more ads. -- race is heating up with more ads. >> reporter: mitt romney continues his battleground state tour in colorado today as he tries to rebound from a difficult week. national polls show the white house race tight, but president obama leads in the battle states. last night in denver, romney slammed the president's record. >> it is very clear, we can't afford four more years like
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the last four years, that's why we are going to get change, finally in washington the people in america deserve. >> reporter: when romney arrives in ohio tomorrow he will be greeted by a new tv ad from the obama campaign attacking him for saying 47% of americans are dependent on the government and view themselves as victims. >> doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? >> reporter: as the campaign steps up efforts some in romney's party worry the race is slipping away. >> their core problem was carefulness, inability to focus on their own essential meaning. >> reporter: president obama will be in new york today and tomorrow for the united nations general assembly. last night on "60 minutes" mr. obama said his biggest disappointment is he hasn't changed the climate in washington. >> the president: i'm hoping after the smoke clears and the election season is over that spirit of cooperation comes
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more to the floor. >> reporter: the president shot back at romney's criticism that he has not stood up to syria and iran saying if governor romney is suggesting we should start another war, he should say so. former president clinton has a challenge for wal-mart build a store in libya. violence in libya claimed the life of pwapls door stevens early -- of ambassador stevens early this month. [ unintelligible ],1!l clinton said a store there would bring jobs and ease s that could reduce violence in that region. >> the company that makes iphone has suspended producing at a chinese factory following a fight involving hundreds of workers. the fighter resulted last
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night in a dormitory it took police 10 hours to stop the brawling. authorities are trying to determine what sparked the fight. foxconn says it doesn't appear to be work-related. today apple is expected to report early sales figures for the iphone 5. apple says demand exceeding supplies, two million orders in the first 24 hours. many have to wait until october to get one. many stores sold out saturday. shares hovering around $700 lifted by high expectations. one big criticism, the mapping service contains mistakes and no transit information. i was at an apple store over the weekend, they do have mistakes on the maps. the graphics are cool, the 3-d, very cool. >> something to work on. meantime, not affecting popularity, let's check in with mike.
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good morning. welcome to monday, a little breeze developing there towards the ferry building and bay bridge you can see the bay bridge clouds but not very widely scattered. they are on the move. we where going to watch them with doppler showing how dry it is this morning. 48 santa rosa, low to mid 50s elsewhere. low to mid 50s monterey bay clouds on the increase. 24 temperature change, tells the story, san francisco about the same 65. two degrees cooler in santa rosa at 82. 76 fremont, oakland 70, concord 84, along with san jose's 78. 90s out of this forecast. clouds are going to make a late push from now through 8:00. because they are so thin and coming in late they don't get established well. if you look by 10, 11:00 back
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to the coast. during the afternoon sunshine from north to south along the coast. biggest drop further around the bay and inland this afternoon. mid to upper 70s most of the south bay cupertino 78, san jose. mid to upper 60s millbrae and san mateo. clouds best and most likely along the san mateo county coast, 62 at half moon bay. mid 60s downtown south san francisco sunshine same sausalito 70 sunshine through the north bay breezes from bodega bay to petaluma, everybody else in the upper 70s to mid 80s in the north bay valleys. 68 berkeley, low to mid 70s most areas, castro valley 78, sunshine first, throw upper 80s dublin 81, brentwood 89.
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-- low to mid 80s inland. upper 80s chico, sacramento. 79 tahoe. 72 big sur, sunshine, near 80 san diego and 87 in l.a.. tonight low to mid 50s in most neighborhoods clouds along the coast a few spill into the bay. santa rosa we could see a little fog. not a huge drop tomorrow maybe one to two degrees, another couple degrees wednesday warming trend starts thursday, 90s back for the weekend inland, 80s around the bay comfortable 60s at the coast. very serious accident happening right now with a "sig alert" in the pleasanton area, southbound 680 lanes all closed, pedestrian got hit on the freeway. it will be sometime before they get in picked up. amy hollyfield on the scene earlier she was there, you could see the show from a little bit ago. all the highway patrol with
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the lanes completely shutdown southbound 680. traffic bagging towards al costa southbound coming from 580 take foothill off 580 or hop yard off 580 then make your way back to the scene -- past the scene of the accident southbound at stoneridge all lanes closed. fatal accident. coroner trying to get to the scene. i believe it will be most of this commute until they get the lanes reopened. we'll follow that four. new warning about trampolines that some of you have in your backyard now the american academy of pediatrics is reaffirming recommendation against recreational trampoline use. study reveals in 2009 there were 98,000 trampoline-related injuries in the u.s. resulting in 3100 hospitalizations.
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the study finds safety measures haven't changed the rate of injury kids under five are at greater risk. safety netting and padding did not change the amount of injuries. we are following breaking news in the east bay. highway patrol trying to figure out how a body ended up on i-680 not sure fit was a body or pedestrian and then hit and then a body certainly it is impacting major commute in a big. new regulations pg&e will be forced to follow to prevent another san bruno disaster. washington launches criminal investigation of chevron. what investigators state oil giant was doing illegally, at its richmond refinery.
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